Ameen Taahir Everett was born May 10th, 1997 coming out of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. This young lyrical mastermind turned to rap as an outlet and has been doing it since the age of twelve. Ameen is a self-taught producer, writer, & engineer. He has always been a fan of many different genres and sounds which has had a big impact on his creative process. Even though Ameen primarily works within the realms of hip-hop & rap, he also works with pop, r&b, dance, electronic, alternative, and many different sub-genres. Ameen likes to create music that touches on his everyday life and experiences. He hopes to connect with others through this creative outlet while also being innovative and giving his audience a refreshing experience sonically.

"As an artist, I enjoy giving my audience a different perspective and take on the world. I strive to be fully innovative and often challenge myself to push the boundaries. Many of my concepts come from my personal life experiences and thoughts. I want to be able to share a unique narrative with the world and open up doors for the unknown creatives out there. My ultimate goal is to make a positive change in the world through my art."

Ameen's Discography (2015)